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JBL 2414H-C Driver  

2414H-C Driver

2414H-C Driver

2414H-C Driver

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Product Overview:
Product ID:  92110

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Ohms   8
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JBL 2414H-C Driver Description:

This is the new JBL 2414H-C HF driver (MPN5000169X). This driver is found in the new JBL PRX400 series (PRX412M, PRX415M and PRX425 and the JRX 200 Series. This is a sealed device using ferrofluid to draw the heat away from the diaphragm and there is not field replaceable diaphagm available from JBL. All those after market diaphragms you see for the ferrofluid drivers are not built by JBL and are not recommended for use in this JBL product. JBL does not sell a replacement diaphragm for this device. You can presume that a properly built diaphragm would cost as much as we ask for the driver. It is an 8 ohm device with a 1 inch voice coil on a mylar base and a 1 inch throat in a standard 1.375 screw in flange. The diameter of the magnet body is 3.375+ inches and 2.5+ inches tall overall. It weighs 1.8 lbs. This driver is designed to mate with the crossover networks in the PRX400 series where the nominal crossover point is between 2K and 2.2K. This might make the driver problematic on other JBL designs (especially older) where the crossover point is lower. News has reached us from Ron C. a client in Ohio, who has successfully used this 2414H-C as a replacement in his JRX112 monitors, crossing at 1.8kHz...Ron reports smooth transparent response in the high end. He installed our fuse kit for added protection. He is a drummer/vocalist and the HF reproduction is critical to his performance. When used on upgrades of other drivers the input terminals may not match the wiring. Each driver will be delivered with a set of female connectors for + and - and able to handle up to 14 gauge wire. You would crimp on (or solder) the new connectors onto the original wire. If you do not find the item you seek or if you have questions about the use of this HF driver in your application, please email jack@jacksmusicfactory.com . Be careful when you order, returns for your mistakes are not allowed. (Jack)

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